20 May 2013

Kearnan Claims OMRS Modified Win in Season Opener at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Speedway

Bowmanville, ON- May 18 marked the season opener for the Ontario Modified Racing Series Powered by Techtonix Construction division, with the victory in Round One of the eight-date OMRS schedule claimed by 2012 series runner-up Darren Kearnan.

Wrestling the lead away from polesitter Rick Warnes (#90) on Lap 4, Kearnan quickly found his mirrors filled with the red #2 Modified of perennial rival Dwight Brown. Gapping the rest of the open-wheeled field, the Kearnan/ Brown tandem raced nose-to-tail towards the checkered flag, never separated by more than a car length.

In the ‘Clean and Green’ 25 lap feature, Kearnan, aboard his new #46 TTR Transport Ford was able to fend off repeated challenges from Brown to earn the victory, crossing the stripe .2 seconds in front of runner-up Brown.

“That was hard work, I’m exhausted,” proclaimed Kearnan from the Winner’s Circle. “This is a brand new car and still doesn’t feel quite right. But the big difference in this car is that it doesn’t have power steering, I had to work ten times as hard to keep Dwight behind me!”

Noted Brown, the defending series champion and winner of the evening’s two heat dashes, “He had a good car and so did I. Our cars are so equal, I knew that if Darren didn’t make a mistake, I was going to be stuck with second place.”

Series newcomer Nick Lees (#09) crossed the stripe in a well-deserved third spot, with Chad Strawn (#77) and Bill Pickford (#61) rounding out the top five finishers.

Round Two of the 2013 OMRS schedule goes May 25 on the half-mile Speedway of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

From: J. Wally Nesbitt/ Corner 5 Communications

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Darren Kearnan took the opening round of the Techtonix Ontario Modified Racing Series season on the Speedway of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

07 Mar 2013

2013 Season is approaching fast!

The Ontario Modifieds Racing Series is happy to announce that the modifieds will be making another full season appearance exclusively at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park!

The modifieds will be racing on the below dates at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park:

May 18, 2013

May 25, 2013

June 15, 2013

July 6, 2013 – Fan Appreciation night!

July 20, 2013

August 17, 2013

August 31, 2013

September 7, 2013 – Fan Appreciation night!

OMRS can’t wait to fire up the engines for another thrilling season of bumper to bumper racing and helping to put on one of the best shows in motorsports!

06 Sep 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – August 25th, 2012 – Feature – #61 View

30 Aug 2012

Techtonix Open-Wheel Modifieds August 25th, 2012 Race Recap

Courtesy of CTMP:

Also on Saturday’s schedule was Round Five for the Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds.

A dozen open-wheeled warriors took the green flag with the ageless Bill Burrows (#65) leading the snarling pack into the first turn. Ousted from his race leading position by series rookie Josh Gruntz, Burrows also fell victim to the hard charging Rob Warnes and the equally ‘well experienced’ Bill Pickford.

With series point’s leaders Dwight Brown and Darren Kearnan starting well back in the pack, it took some crafty maneuvering for the two to work their way to the front. On a lap 7 restart, Brown avoided a multiple car melee and outran Gruntz into the first corner to snatch the lead, Kearnan squirting through into the runner-up spot one turn later.

“I saw the #77 (Brad Stevenson) coming hard and I knew that you can’t go three-wide into the first corner. I drove it in as deep as I could and got out of the way before Brad hit Rob (Warnes),” explained Brown.

Setting sail with a clear track in front of them, Brown and Kearnan began to gap their rivals, running in tandem towards the checkered flag. With three-to-go, Kearnan applied a little too much pedal coming out of Turn Four and got slightly sideways. Quickly recovering, Kearnan resumed his charge but the lost momentum allowed Brown to gain a four car length advantage, a margin he carried to the checkered flag and his fourth win of the season.

Laughed Brown, “Darren was running me so close; I didn’t know I could hold my breath for 13 laps.”

Bill Pickford (#61) and Josh Gruntz (#31) were next to the stripe with the recovered Rob Warnes (#95) rounding out the lead five drivers.

28 Aug 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – August 25th, 2012 – Heat #2

28 Aug 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – August 25th, 2012 – Heat #1

26 Aug 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – August 25th, 2012 – Feature

02 Aug 2012

Techtonix Open-Wheel Modifieds July 29th, 2012 Race Recap

Courtesy of Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

With two race nights remaining on the schedule, Dwight Brown has made his mark in the Ontario Modified Racing Series presented by Techtonix Construction, scoring his third feature victory in four race starts last Saturday at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park oval.

While sitting in third place behind race leader Brad Stevenson (#77) and step-father Bill Pickford (#61), Brown was somehow able to avoid a five-car melee on lap five, ultimately slipping through the on-going carnage to assume the runner-up spot behind Stevenson, the invited hired gun in Brian Strawn’s #77 I&I Construction Modified.
Fortunately, most of the involved cars were able to continue, the only casualty being the #46 TTR Transport car of points challenger Darren Kearnan.

Eventually back under green flag conditions, Brown (#2 Bourque Transmissions) went into full ‘stalk’ mode, hounding Stevenson through every corner. Accepting the wide, outside line, Brown went side-by-side with Stevenson for three full tours of the half-mile Speedway, snagging the lead as the pair entered the first turn on lap 15. Stevenson refused to readily concede the position, holding on tightly to Brown’s back bumper until the red flag was thrown on lap 23, the emergency declared to attend to a spectacular oil-fueled fire, a result of the shattered transmission from Jeff Bell’s #95b Mod.
With an extensive cleanup required, the race was checkered flagged two laps shy of full distance; Brown awarded the win over Stevenson, Rob Warnes (#95), Rick Warnes (#90) and the ageless Bill Burrows (#65).

“Brad did a great job tonight for the first time in the car,” said Brown. “I’ve never raced against him before, but I knew what kind of a driver he was. I completely trusted him; I knew that he wouldn’t do anything dangerous. That trust let us have a great race together tonight.”

30 Jul 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – July 29th, 2012 – Feature

30 Jul 2012

Techtonix Open Wheeled Modifieds – July 29th, 2012 – Heat #2